Principal Complex Return Fund Not for Retail Investors (PRINCIPAL CR-AI)

Dividend/Auto-Redemption History

Fund Details

  • The fund is for non-retail investors and big retail investors. 
  • High Risk or Complex Fund
Short Name PRINCIPAL CR-AI Risk Level 6 (High Risk)
Registered fund size  2,000 million THB (Green shoe 15%) Foreign exchange rate None
Fund Type Mixed Fund (Complex Return payout, buy-and-hold strategy)  
Inception Date 17 March 2023 (Tentative)  
Fund Tenor
  • Approximately 1 year (not more than 1 year 1 month)
During the 1st half of the fund (approximately the 1st 6 months) the fund will invest in structured notes, which are Autocallable Fixed Coupon Note with a maturity of approximately 6 months. The management company may consider to terminate the fund before the maturity of the fund if the structured notes invested meet the conditions as specified in prospectus.
Investment Policy
  • The fund has a policy to invest in structured notes, equity instruments, fixed income instruments, hybrid instruments,  deposits etc, as well as other securities or assets or finding interest by other methods according to the notification of the SEC, which requires or approves investment. The fund may consider adjusting the investment proportion from 0% to 100% of the NAV of the fund.
  • During the first of approximately 6 months, the fund has a policy to invest on average in accounting year of not less than 80% in structured notes, type of Autocallable Fixed Coupon Notes, whose underlying securities are a basket of securities consisting of stock of companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand from 1 or more stocks.
  • In this regard, after the period of approximately 6 months, in the event that such structured notes are mature. The conditions for redemption of the instrument are met by delivery of the underlying stock. The fund will hold the underlying stocks received. The management company will manage the underlying stocks without using proactive management methods. However, it will use its discretion to consider disposing of such stocks in part or in full under the remaining project life.
Fund Manager
  • Supakorn Tulyathan
  • Woraphot Kunaprasit
  • Pancharas Siwarapornsakul
  • Nantanach Kitichalermkiat

Purchase/ Redemption (1)

Subscription Period Start from 7-22 March 2023 IPO only, from bank business hours – 15.30
Minimum Subscription 500,000 THB
Redemption Period

Normal Redemption:

Auto Redemption: 
(1) Consider to auto-redemption from fixed interest rate (Fixed Coupon) that the fund receives from investing in structured note (consider monthly payment)..
(2) In case that all structured notes invested by the fund are redeemed early and/or at maturity of structured notes, whereby the fund receives cash and/or any other cash-equivalent assets from all structured notes invested by the fund.

Purchase/ Redemption (2)


The management company reserves the right to proceed automatic redemption of all investment units, in order to refund to unitholders and terminate the fund before maturity.
(3) In case the structure note is mature, if the fund receives the underlying stocks, the Management Company will continue to manage the underlying stocks that receive and may consider selling some or all of such securities as well as other assets invested by the fund at the Management Company's discretion before the fund maturity and make an auto redemption to all unitholders.
(4)  When the fund matures as specified in the prospectus.

Minimum Redemption Not Defined
Redemption Policy

Within 5 Business days from the next day of auto redemption date. 

Fee & Charges

Fees to Unitholder (% of Trading Value)*
Front-end fee Not exceed 2.14% (Currently 0.8025% p.a.)
Back-end fee Not exceed 1.07% (Waived)
Switching Fee According to the conditions of sale and redemption of investment units
Fund Fee (% of NAV)*
Management Fee Not exceed 2.14% (Currently 1.07% p.a.)
Trustee Fee Not exceed 0.33% (Currently 0.0321% p.a.)
Registrar Fee Not exceed 0.54% (Currently 0.107% p.a.)

*Fee included VAT, Brokerage Fee excluded VAT.
*Note: During the first 6 months from the registration date, the management company will collect management fees and registrar fees based on the fund's registered value, which will be recognized as fund expenses in full and collect from the fund within 90 days from the registration date. 
In the event that there is no occurrence according to the conditions of fund termination within fist 6 months from the registration date, the management company will charge a management fees and registrar fees per annum of the fund’s NAV.

Distribution Channel

  • CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited
  • The Siam Commercial Bank PCL
  • Land and Houses Bank Public Company Limited
  • Capital Nomura Public Company Limited
  • Krungsri Securities Public Company Limited
  • KASIKORN Securities Public Company Limited
  • Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited
  • Yuanta Securities (Thailand) Company Limited
  • Pine Wealth Solution Securities Company Limited
  • Finnomena
  • Thanachart Securities Public Company Limited
  • CGS-CIMB Securities (Thailand) Company Limited
  • Kiatnakin Phatra Securities Public Company Limited
  • UOB KayHian Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Fund Performance