4 Ways to Build Immunity for Life in Crisis at Any Time

4 วิธีสร้างภูมิคุ้มกัน ให้ชีวิตที่อาจเจอวิกฤตได้ทุกเวลา

    The body will be strong and healthy if you have good immunity .. and what if you want your life to be strong or healthy? can it be anyway to enhance your immunity to life?

    Crises may come to life in an unexpected way. Like events that happened in the past, we should learn and build our immunity to counter whatever that could happen to us. As well as being able to recover from the effects and return to normal life as quickly as possible. Then is there any way to help strengthen our immunity to life? Let's see.

1. Pay more attention to food Build a protective barrier from within 
    The beginning of a good life starts with health care. Therefore, you should pay attention to food that affects your health. If you can not change immediately, try to choose some good quality food, gradually reduce the sweetness and salty. Keep training and your body will begin to get used to, and do not forget to calculate nutrients to meet the needs of the body. Especially people who exercise, If you want to get results quickly The protein has to reach the right point. Fat should be avoided and maintain a healthy weight. If you have time, cook your own meals. You will be able to select from reliable sources. And if choosing a food that has traceability*  that would be even better.

*Traceability is a mechanism to trace the origin of products throughout the supply chain. From the manufacturing process to the consumer, which can tell that each step how is the production method? It reduces the consumer's risk of consuming or using unsafe products.

2. Enhance life skills Through the online course
    Whether you want to strengthen your skills for your current job Or want to open up the world to expand your knowledge in other fields, there are many online courses to choose from. The recommended initial learning channels are as follows.

- MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
    A learning platform that the government in collaboration with universities across the country offers a variety of courses. Including skill-enhancing subjects that enhance competence in various professional areas. Which can be studied for free, there are currently more than 300 courses to choose from.

- SkillLane
    A platform that allows professionals in each field to create their own courses. So, there are many courses to choose from. It has the advantage of being able to view the instructor's reviews and average rating. There are over 1,000 free and paid courses to choose from.

- Grow with Google
    Source of knowledge and technology tools for learning the new digital skills required for today's work. Both in the category of business owners, marketing staff, program developers Which teachers and students can attend for free

3. Having a secondary job can create opportunities for unexpected progress. 
    Who knows how stable the regular work we are doing today? Or even with confidence .. having a backup plan has nothing to lose. The secondary work may start from the extension of a hobby that you are passionate about, for example, if you like traveling, do reviews. Like taking pictures, send them for sale on the website Or like to cook, try to accept small orders, or if you are good at trading, you may start by buying stuffs to re-sell. This is probably a relatively safe method.

4. Financial Planning To support every stage of life
    Financial planning is often something that salarymen and many professions are not paying attention to. Because it felt cumbersome or unnecessary Since there is already saving money, but financial planning is actually aimed at allocating money to live in each stage of life with good financial health. Including preparing to retire Which if known how to plan early, it will help to retire with a relieve. And there is no need to disturb anyone’s plan.

    Financial planning, in addition to saving, requires good spending habits, discipline, paving the way for further wealth creation. And in order to be wealthy and sustained, planning, insurance, investment planning and tax planning are required. You can also plan with a financial advisor from Principal or Principal's Consultant as well. Read more here. https://www.principal.th/th/wangaephnekmkarengin-karthanganrwmkankabthiiprueksa

Disclaimer: Investors should understand fund features, conditions of return, and risk before making an investment decision.