By downloading, browsing, accessing or using this Principal TH Mobile, Principal PVD Mobile, Principal E@syInvest, the website (, portal, services, software and materials provided by the Management Company or made available via or through the Digital Platform (“Digital Platform”), you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. If you disagree with any of these Terms and Conditions of Use, you must immediately discontinue your access to the Digital Platform and your use of the services offered on the Digital Platform. Continued use of the Digital Platform will constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use, as may be amended from time to time.


  • The information published on the Digital Platform is assumed to be correct and complete but Principal Asset Management Company Limited (“the Management Company”) does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of all information. The intention of publishing the information on Digital Platform is to facilitate investors to find basic information about mutual funds/provident funds. The investors can find more information about mutual funds/provident funds at the Management Company and/or nominated distribution agents. 
  • The Management Company is unable to warrant the security of internet service provider, any connection to access our website and participated website. The Management Company also does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the information appearing on other websites linked from the Digital Platform. 
  • The information and all calculation programs in the Digital Platform are to facilitate investors. Even though the Management Company intends to provide the most correct and complete results, please note that the calculations displayed by this program may not be 100% accurate, correct and/or complete. The Management company is not liable of any actions that might be taken by investors. 
  • Except in the case of requesting to open an investment account for the first time, investors using the service must have a mutual fund / provident fund account with the Management Company.
  • In case there are technical problem or the investor's communication system has technical problem during the subscription / redemption / switching of unit via the internet which causes the Management Company not receive such transaction, the Management Company will not be liable for any damages incurred. Alternatively, investors may subscribe / redeem / switch investment units or ask for information at the Management Company or nominated distribution agents.
  • Investor should study the characteristics, conditions, returns and risks of mutual funds/provident funds before making an investment.
  • Investment in mutual funds/provident funds is not a bank deposit and carries investment risk. The investors may receive the redemption amount higher or lower than the initial investment amount. Accordingly, the investors should invest when they consider that the investment in any fund is appropriate for their investment objectives and they can accept the risk which may incur from the investment in such Fund.
  • A mutual fund /provident fund which comprises of foreign investment might be subject to currency risk. Investor might see gains or losses, compared to the initial investment.
  • Investors who hold a Guaranteed Fund until the end of the guarantee period specified in the prospectus will receive the investment return in accordance with the guarantee condition. However, the above guarantees do not include guarantees of the repayment ability of the guarantor.
  • A mutual fund might not maintain the investment ratio pursuant to the Notification of the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or might have less diversification than other mutual funds due to the investment in other instruments higher than the investment ratio prescribed by the SEC Notification. Investor should study the investment policy of the fund before making an investment decision.
  • The Management Company may invest in securities or assets for its own investment account in similar manner to the investment for mutual funds/ provident funds pursuant to the SEC Notification. Investors can request for the information of such investment either at the Management Company, nominated distribution agent, or the SEC. 
  • For Long Term Equity Fund (LTF) and Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF), both LTF and RMF’s units cannot be disposed, transferred, pledged, as collateral to any persons. If unitholders do not comply with the investment condition, they will not obtain tax benefit and shall return tax benefit which previously received within the specific period. Otherwise, they shall subject to an additional payment and/or fine according to the Revenue Code. Investors should study the investment conditions in both funds and request for more information and tax guide at the Management Company or selling agents. 
  • A mutual fund/provident fund is separate legal entity from the Management Company. The Management Company has no obligation to compensate for any losses of the mutual fund. In this regard, the mutual fund’s performance is not subject to the Management Company’s financial status or the Management Company’s performance.
  • The measurement of fund’s performance is commissioned by following the measurement of the Association of Investment Management Company’s standard. 
  • A fund’s past performance does not necessarily guarantee its future performance. 
  • In the event of unusual circumstances, investors may not be paid from the redemption within the specified period or may not be able to redeem the units according to their instruction. 
  • Investors can study the information that may affect the investment decision; such as, connected-person transactions and the investment ratio as specified in the investment policy, at the Office of the SEC or its website at
  • Investors can check the guideline in relation to the exercise of voting rights at the Management Company or its website
  • Investors should comprehensively study information contained in the prospectus prior to making decision to invest. The prospectus should be kept for the future reference. For additional information, investors can request for the prospectus from the Management Company or selling agent or on website,, by clicking the prospectus tab.
  • The investor shall examine to the distribution is authorized by the Office of the SEC. 
  • The Office of SEC’s approval for the establishment and management of mutual funds displaying on this website does not indicate that the SEC committee or the Office of the SEC certifies the accuracy of the information in the prospectus, and does not guarantee the unit price. 
  • The Management Company permits its staff to invest in securities for their own account. Staff must adhere to the code of conduct and regulation specified by the Association of Investment Management Company. Staff must disclose their investment to the Management Company as prescribed by the Management Company.
  • The Management Company reserves the right to edit, rectify, or amend any information being provided on the website without prior notice. 
  • The Management Company reserves the rights to all contents on this website. No one should disseminate, refer to, replicate, copy or amend regardless of any method, either in part or in full, unless prior written permission is granted by the Management Company. 
  • Fee and charges for regular saving plan (RSP) transactions are as follows: 
    • Free of charge of RSP at THB 5,000 and above
    • THB 10 per transaction for RSP below THB 5,000 (Currently exempt)
  • Investors should study information about investment conditions and requirements of investing in the Super Saving Funds (SSF), Super Saving Fund Fund Extra (SSFX), or Super Saving Fund Extra Unit Class (SSFX Class) which are in accordance with the Ministerial Regulation No. 357 (B.E. 2020) issued under the Revenue Code on the exemption of tax on 10 March 2020, under guidance from the Revenue Department.. Investors should study and understand the information in the Fund Prospectus / Fund Factsheet and keep them for future reference. If you have question, please ask the investor contact for clarification and to understand before buying the investment unit


    2.1 I am fully qualified as follows.
        (1) I am a natural person aged 20 years or older. 
        (2) I have a deposit account with a commercial bank as specified by the Management Company.
        (3) I have an e-mail and mobile phone number for receiving OTP and/or notifications and/or any other documents from the Management Company. I consents to all notices and other forms of communications which concern the Digital Platform or as required by these Terms and Conditions, as may be given by the Management Company by ordinary post to my last known address and/or my last known e-mail address and/or my last known mobile phone number found in Management Company’s records and/or by broadcasting a message on the Digital Platform or in any other manner deemed fit by the Management Company.
        (4) I have never committed a crime involving money laundering and have never been denied financial transactions from other financial institutions and does not undertake any transaction that may be used as a means of financing terrorism under the applicable law. I am not a person who is at risk about money laundering and providing financial support to terrorism in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Management Company, the Association of Investment Management Companies, the SEC, the Office of the Anti-Money Laundering and/or the regulatory authority (AMLO List, Terrorist, Sanction list).
        (5) I do not have any other prohibited characteristics as specified by the Management Company. 
    2.2 I certify that: (1) I have completed the assessment form for my own benefit; (2) I acknowledge the assessment results; (3) The information that I receive from the Management Company and/or its staffs (if any) is for the investment decision only, and I will, every time, make the investment decision by myself, which may not be consistent with my investment objectives and/or my acceptable investment risk level and I accept the said risk; (4) I will cooperate with the Management Company in updating my KYC information and my Suitability Test in accordance with the duration and conditions as specified by the Management Company and/or the competent authority. I accept the risks that may arise from ignoring such cooperation; (5) I accept investment losses that may occur, in which the Management Company and its management and employees do not have any liability for such losses; (6) I confirm that I am the true ultimate beneficiary; and (7) No other person has control over my transaction.

    2.3 All documents, information and details including the electronic signature that I have provided to the Management Company for identifying myself and request to open an investment account is correct, true and valid. In case of being approved to use the service, I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of opening an investment account specified by the Management Company. The Management Company has the right to suspend or refuse any of my transactions as it deems appropriate without notifying me in advance.


    I agree and accept as follows
    3.1 Any operation through electronic devices and/or the Digital Platform is a reliable and acceptable method between me and the Management Company and is considered as a legally electronic signature, which I do not need to sign on any documents at all. Any information and documents provided to the management company in such manner, if confirmed by User Name/Password or OTP or any other code that I received through the E-mail and/or mobile phone number that I have provided to the Management Company or that is recorded in the Management Company’s system are reliable and accurate as written documents.
    3.2 I shall be responsible for the security of my User ID and Password which includes my obligation to keep confidential and not reveal my User ID, Password or any other information relevant thereto to another party that can enable, assist or facilitate unauthorised access and use of the Digital Platform. I agree that I will be solely responsible for all access to, use of and activity within the Digital Platform where it is effected through the use of my User ID and Password, including but not limited to any information submitted, messages posted, statements made and communicators transmitted. The Management Company shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort caused by unauthorised access to investors’ account information and use of the Digital Platform.
    3.3 Subscription Order / Redemption Order / Switching Order  
        (1) I have studied and understood the product (fund) feature, return condition and risk factors carefully before making an investment.
        (2) I acknowledge and agree that the Management Company may not accept or proceed with or cancel my subscription, redemption or switching order if the Management Company considers that: (a) the execution of the order violates the relevant laws or regulations; or (b) I have breached any contract or agreement with the Management Company; or (c) it is necessary to prevent damages that may occur to the Management Company and/or the funds; or (d) there are other reasonable grounds. In this regard, I agree not to demand any expenses, fees, or damages and to waive all rights which are raised as any defense with the Management Company.
        (3) Investment in mutual funds/provident funds is not a bank deposit and carries investment risk. Investor might receive the redemption amount higher or lower than the initial investment amount and may not receive the redemption amount within the specified period or may not be able to redeem the investment units as instructed.
        (4) Customers are able to make subscription, redemption or switching order at any time with the following conditions:
            - There may be no transaction executed in the event of technical problems occurring.
            - The Management Company reserves the rights by mainly using the date and time on the management company system to record the transaction.
            - Transactions conducted other than the transaction deadline or made on holidays, will be processed on the next business day. The transaction period shall be as specified in the fund prospectus.
            - The Management Company reserves the right to cancel the subscription order if it is not able to deduct the subscription payment from the bank deposit account as I specified and I agree to waive any claims for damages arising from such cancellation.
            - Any subscription order shall not be changed or canceled once the Management Company has received the subscription payment. 
            - The Management Company reserves the right to accept subscription, redemption or switching orders via the Principal TH Mobile or Principal PVD Mobile for certain funds.
         3.4 The management company has the right to immediately terminate the agreement or cancel  products or services I have when it appears that my representations and warranties under this agreement is incorrect or false, or I have violated any of the terms and conditions of this agreement.


    4.1 I hereby consents the Management Company to collect, use, process and disclose of my personal data, which means information relating to an individual that can directly or indirectly identify me, such as name, ID number, Passport number, date of birth including sensitive information e.g. photos, biometric information (such as fingerprints, faces etc.), health information, financial information, transaction information, investment information, and all types of assets and/or any of my information provided to the Management Companies or which the Management Company receives or can access from other sources for the purpose of account opening, using products or services at my request, preparing reports, calculating and granting investment rights, complying with its internal processes, communicating with me, track and report benefits, changes in product or service characteristics, answer questions and notify changes, data management, development of information technology, data analysis for presentation of products in the same category that I have with the  Management Company and other products, conducting Marketing research for product development, offer, give, use, and/or improve any service or product of the Management Company, its distributors, agents and/or other parties, and/or to review transactions that may be fraud, suspicious transactions, and/or for other purposes to the extent permissible under applicable law or regulations of any country applicable to the Management Company. However, this consent still exists, even though I have no further transactions with the Management Company.
    4.2 Photos, biometric information (such as fingerprints, faces etc.), documents, and/or any information that the Management Company receives, or will receive in the future from me, either through electronic channels or any other means are correct, complete, and true in all respects. I agree to the management company to store such information in the Management Company database for the benefit of the use of services provided by the Management Company and/or for other transactions between me and the Management Company. In addition, I agree to the management company to disclose my photos, biometric information, documents and/or other information to commercial banks and/or companies in the financial business group of the Management Company, auditors, external inspector, financial institutions, government agencies, assignees and/or any juristic person or individual that the Management Company is a party to or has a relationship with, and/or for the use of Cloud Computing services both in Thailand and overseas, including other persons assigned by the Management Company for the purpose of identifying and verifying my identity and/or disclose such information in accordance with the law or by court order or disclosed to the competent authority. I hereby agree that the management company shall has the right to immediately terminate the agreement or cancel  products or services I have and/or suspend or refuse any of my transactions as it deems appropriate without notifying me in advance when it appears that any of photos, biometric information, documents, and/or any information I have provided is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate.
    4.3 I hereby acknowledge that the Management Company does not wish to collect or use information about race, religion, blood group, or any other information other than the personal information that has been specified above even if such information appears on my ID card, house registration, or any other documents that I voluntarily disclose to the Management Company.
    4.4 I acknowledge that I may revoke the above consent at the office of the Management Company, and I acknowledge that the revocation of such consent may affect the service provided by the Management Company.

Customers may access the current version of the Privacy Notice of the Management Company, as disclosed on the Management Company website.

I agree that the Management Company has the right to amend, add and/or change this Terms of Use as the Management Company deems appropriate without notifying me in advance. As well as I agree to be bound and comply with the Terms of Use that the Management Company may change in the future in all respects.