5 Overseas Attractions for First Jobbers

For recent college graduates just entering workforce or First Jobbers, getting an itch to travel and explore the world is probably one of their ultimate dreams. Considering taking a break from hectic work schedule? Let us guide you through the attractions that are totally worth the hype and budget-friendly.

The neighboring Southeast Asia is brimming with places so impressive and outstanding that it becomes the ideal destination for many including First Jobbers. These places also cater to all types of travelers and budgets. Jet around the region and discover these 5 totally stunning tourist attractions.

1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Along the border of Thailand situated a country full of tourist destinations of all types. But, once in Malaysia, the list would not complete without climbing the Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin towers. The towers are a symbol of Kuala Lumpur and a must-visit place in town.

2. Vientiane, Laos

Laos is our neighboring country where you can travel with peace without any language barrier. Laos’s well-preserved natural beauty is a draw for many travelers who want to enjoy ecotourism experiences. If ecotourism is your thing, Vang Vieng is a once-in-a-lifetime to go. At Vang Vieng, you will enjoy the remote mountains and vistas of rivers. This tourist destination is only 150 kilometers from Vientiane.

3. Singapore

Singapore is a small country that is economically robust and technologically advanced. It also has many unique destinations that will blow you away. Once in Singapore, come to visit and snap a photo with the Merlion, the mythical symbol of Singapore. Still, Singapore is also full of attractions and heritage sites to roam around all day and all night.

4. Da Nang, Vietnam

In 2017-2018, Vietnam’s rapid economic growth drew a large pool of investors and tourists to the country.  One of the popular tourist destinations is Ba Na Hills, located 40 kilometers from the city of Danang. With a stunning mountain view and such beautiful architecture as the French Village area, you will enjoy great atmosphere and various entertainments.

5. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Last but not least, Cambodia has many unique destinations that it could take you years to see them all. This AEC country has a huge variety of attractions, both historical and contemporary. You can enjoy shopping at Central Market and get blown away by ancient buildings designed by famous French architects. 

Want to hop off now.. What is the best way to get to your dream destination?

Of course, the best way to get there is by plane. Just because you are on a tight budget does not mean you cannot travel. Quite the contrary, actually, some of the best deals are out there. These are various sites (or Facebook pages), such as, Ar-pae.com, ChangTrixGet, PRO addict, and Friendtellpro, to help you find the best deals and make your travel planning a piece of cake because these pages/websites;

1. pull promotions and display cheap flights worldwide
2. are a single stop shop for flights and hotels
3. display the cheapest fares and deals for both flights and accommodation available at any given moment

Because of these reasons, you can plan out a trip easily and for almost all budget. What you need to know is that flights offered with special promotions are mostly red-eye flights. So, you may face a trade-off between cost and convenience.

Small but meaningful tips to plan for a budget-friendly trip

Taking a trip on a budget requires solid planning which you will have to arm yourself with knowledge about flights, accommodation, dining, shopping, or packaged deals. Once all the details are complete, you will have a budget that fits with your means.
It is important to note that, if you plan to take public transportation, you might be commanded a higher price as a tourist. So, incorporate an ‘emergency fund’ into your budget to allow for surprises. 

To avoid such a hassle, a guided tour could be a wise choice. If you choose to travel with a tour company, you will have no trouble planning for the trip because hotels, food, transport, and activities are handled by the tour operator. The only setbacks taking a guided tour are time limit or a tight schedule and tips you have to prepare for tour guides and drivers.

In terms of the price tag, doing a trip independently and taking a guided tour can cost around the same. A 3-day 2-night trip costs around 8,000-12,000 baht, while a 4-day 3-night trip costs around 10,000-15,000 baht, depending on the airfare.  

How to boost your bank balance for your next travel adventure

Travelling overseas costs a big money. If you plan to travel once a year, the recommended savings plan will look something like this. Out of 100% of your salary, 10-20% should be allocated to your future financial goals (e.g. retirement planning, education planning). Then, another 10% should go to your ‘upcoming trip’ account. And, the rest will go to your regular monthly expenses. If your salary is 15,000 baht, 10% equals 1,500 baht. If you put your plan in motion and maintain it, you will get 10,500 baht in 7 months. Now, you are ready to take a trip to a nearby country. Take this as a sample savings plan and make any adjustments as you may see fit.

The next question is… Where should I put my savings?

Here are 3 different types of investment tools you can make the most of your savings.

1. Fixed deposit – almost everyone is familiar with this tool. Fixed deposits typically range from 3 months or 6 months to 3 years. You can pick the one that fits with your plan.
2. Money market fund – a type of mutual fund that invests only in deposits and short-term bonds with less than one-year duration. Money market funds typically provide a slightly higher return than regular savings accounts but are also highly liquid. It takes only one working day to complete buy-sell transaction and get the money in your account.
3. Short-term bond fund – a type of mutual fund that invests in short-term bonds with less than one-year duration. Short-term bond funds involve a slightly higher degree of risk than regular savings accounts, therefore possibly give higher yields. The funds are also highly liquid and take only 2 working days to get money in your account.

That is it – our guide to 5 overseas attractions for first jobbers. Because travelling is always a wonderful experience, you can follow our money savings hack and get ready to pack!