Principal Global Opportunity Fund C (PRINCIPAL GOPP-C)

Dividend/Auto-Redemption History

Fund Details

Fund Name (short) PRINCIPAL GOPP-C Risk Level 6 (High Risk)
Fund Type  Equity Fund, Feeder Fund Inception Date 23 May 2017
Registered fund size 5,000 Million THB Foreign Investment Policy Yes
Dividend Policy None Foreign exchange rate According to the discretion of fund manager
Investment Policy 
  • The fund has a policy to invest in or hold the investment units of only one foreign fund, Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Opportunity Fund (master fund) on average in the fiscal year that is not less than 80% of the net asset value of the fund (feeder fund). The master fund is managed by Morgan Stanley Investment Management (ACD) Limited and is a mutual fund established under the regulations of UCITS (undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities) under the relevant laws of Luxembourg, a member of International Organizations of Securities Commission (IOSCO)
Fund manager
  • Supakorn Tulyathan
  • Witthaya Chancharuschote
  • Viriya Phokaisawan
  • Prapot Uancharoenkul
  • Thana Sheanakul

Purchase/ Redemption

Subscription Period Every business day from bank business hours to 3.30 pm
Minimum Subscription 1 THB
Redemption Period Every business day from bank business hours to 3.00 pm
Minimum Redemption Not defined
Redemption Policy Within 5 business days from NAV calculation date (NAV announce T+2)
(Settlement T+6, CIMBT at 11.30 a.m., SCB/ KBANK/ BAY/ ttb/ BBL/ LHBANK/ KK at 1.00 p.m.)

Fee & Charges

Fees to Unitholder (% of Trading Value)*
Front-end fee Not exceed 1.61% (Waived)
Back-end fee Not exceed 1.07% (Waived)
Switching Fee According to the conditions of sale and redemption of investment units
Fund Fee (% of NAV)*
Management Fee Not exceed 1.61% (Currently 1.608%)
Trustee Fee Not exceed 0.11% (Currently 0.032%)
Registrar Fee Not exceed 0.54% (Currently 0.536%)
*Fee included VAT, Brokerage Fee excluded VAT.

Distribution Channel

  • AIA Insurance
  • Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL
  • Bangkok Life Assurance PLC
  • Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited

Fund Performance

Date as of:
As at date :
Fund Year To Date Performance (%) 3M (%) 6M (%) 1Year (% p.a.) * 3Year (% p.a.) * 5Year (% p.a.) * 10Year (% p.a.) * Since Inception (% p.a.) * NAV (THB) Fund size (THB Million)
Principal Global Opportunity Fund C (PRINCIPAL GOPP-C) -36.51 % -21.68 % -37.72 % -38.62 % 2.56 % 5.60 % 13.0097 845.07
Benchmark : -12.58 % -5.29 % -9.56 % -3.27 % 12.61 % 10.79 %
Benchmark :
M1WD index adjusted with FX hedging cost 85% + M1WD Index (THB) 15%