Principal Vietnam Equity Fund A (PRINCIPAL VNEQ-A)

Dividend/Auto-Redemption History

Fund Details

Fund Name (short) PRINCIPAL VNEQ-A Risk Level 6 (High Risk)
Fund Type Equity Fund Inception Date 16 October 2017
Registered fund size 5,000 Million THB Foreign Investment Policy Yes
Dividend Policy None FX Hedging Policy According to the discretion of fund manager
Investment Policy  The fund has a policy to invest in equity instruments listed on the stock exchange or have a core business in Vietnam that is believed to have potential for future growth including any other equity instruments that are involved in the business and/or benefiting from economic growth or assets mainly from the economic growth of such country and/or equity instruments of Vietnamese entrepreneurs registered in other countries and/or other mutual funds that have a policy of investing in equity instruments and/or foreign equity ETF focused on investment in equity instruments in Vietnam for the average in the fiscal year that is not less than 80% of the net asset value of the fund.
Fund Manager Win Phromphaet
Wasin Parithan
Thanut  Jadejunprapa 
Punyanoot Punyaratabandhu 
Chatree Meechaijaroenying

Master fund has highly concentrated investment in Vietnam. So, investors have to diversify investment for their portfolios/ Investing in Investment Units is not a deposit and there is a risk of investment, Investors may receive more or less return investment than the initial investment. Therefore, investors should invest in this fund when seeing that investing in this fund suitable for investment objectives of investors and investors accept the risk that may arise from the investment. /In an unusual situation unitholders may not be able to redeem the investment units or may receive the redemption money later than the period that specified in the prospectus. /Investors should study the information in the prospectus to understand and should keep the prospectus as information for future reference and when in doubt, please contact the selling agent before investing. /Investors should understand product characteristics (mutual funds), conditions of return and risk before making an investment decision

Purchase/ Redemption

Subscription Period Every first business day of week from bank business hours to 12.00 pm*
First Minimum Subscription 50,000 THB
Next Minimum Subscription 50,000 THB
Redemption Period Every last 3 business days of month from bank business hours to 12.00 pm*
Minimum Redemption Not defined
Minimum Balance Not defined
Redemption Policy Within 5 business days (Currently T+5) CIMBT / SCB / KBANK / BAY / TMB / BBL/ LHBANK/ KK/ TBANK

Fee & Charges

Fees to Unitholder (% of Trading Value)*

Front-end fee  Not exceed 2.14% (Currently 1.50%)
Back-end fee Not exceed 1.07% (Waived)
Switching Fee According to the conditions of sale and redemption of investment units
Brokerage Fee Not exceed 0.54% p.a. (Waived)

*Fee included VAT.

Fund Fee (% of NAV)*

Management Fee Not exceed 1.61% (Currently 1.6052%)
Trustee Fee Not exceed 0.33% (Currently 0.1284%)
Registrar Fee Not exceed 0.65% (Currently 0.5351%)

*as of 1 Oct’18 – 30 Sep’19, Fee included VAT

Fund Performance

As at date :
As at date :
Fund Year To Date Performance (%) 3Month (%) 6Month (%) 1Year (%) 3Year (%) 5Year (%) 10Year (%) Since Inception (%) NAV (THB) Fund size (THB Million)
Principal Vietnam Equity Fund A (PRINCIPAL VNEQ-A) -14.35 % -12.56 % -19.30 % -23.61 % -13.59 % 6.9013 1195.24
Benchmark : -12.82 % -12.73 % -16.96 % -17.89 % -5.56 %
Benchmark :
VN30TR Index (THB) 100%