Principal Gold Income Fund R (PRINCIPAL iGOLD-R)

Dividend/Auto-Redemption History

Fund Details

Fund Name (Short) PRINCIPAL iGOLD-R Risk Level 8 (Very High Risk)
Fund Type  Alternative Fund, Feeder Fund Inception Date 16 November 2012
Registered fund size 1,500 Million THB Foreign Investment Policy Yes
Foreign exchange rate Not less than 90% Dividend Policy None
Investment Policy  The fund has a policy to invest only in SPDR Gold Trust Fund which has a policy to invest in gold bullion in order to receive returns similar to the return of gold prices and managed by World Gold Trust Services, LLC. SPDR Gold Trust Fund is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Singapore Stock Exchange, Japan Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The fund will invest in or hold investment units of the SPDR Gold Trust Funds listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in US dollars currency for the average in the fiscal year that is not less than 80% of the net asset value of the fund and to invest money abroad at any one time not less than 80% of the net asset value of the fund.
Fund Manager   Win Phromphaet
Witthaya Chancharuschote 
Viriya Phokaisawan
Paniti Jittriphot
Waroon Saptaweekul
Thana Sheanakul
Prapot Uancharoenkul

Since the fund has a policy to invest in foreign countries, the fund may have exchange rate risk. Investors may lose or receive foreign exchange gains / or receive a lower return than the initial investment. However, the Fund will hedge the exchange rate risk not less than 90% of the value of the invested asset. Investing in Investment Units is not a deposit and there is a risk of investment, Investors may receive more or less return investment than the initial investment. Therefore, investors should invest in this fund when seeing that investing in this fund suitable for investment objectives of investors and investors accept the risk that may arise from the investment. /In an unusual situation unitholders may not be able to redeem the investment units or may receive the redemption money later than the period that specified in the prospectus. /Investors should study the information in the prospectus to understand and should keep the prospectus as information for future reference and when in doubt, please contact the selling agent before investing. /Investors should understand product characteristics (mutual funds), conditions of return and risk before making an investment decision.

Purchase/ Redemption

Subscription Period Every business day from bank business hours to 3.30 pm
Minimum Subscription 5,000 THB
Redemption Period Auto redemption
Not more than 12 times a year by transfer the redemption money to invest in PRINCIPAL TREASURY fund for whole amount.
Normal Redemption
Every business day from bank business hours to 3.00 pm
Minimum Redemption Not defined
Minimum Balance Not defined
Redemption Policy Every business day from bank business hours to 3.00 pm
Within 5 business days from NAV calculation date (Currently T+5) CIMBT / SCB / KBANK / BAY / TMB / BBL/ LHBANK/ KK/ TBANK

Fee & Charges

Fees to Unitholder (% of Trading Value)*

Front-end fee Not exceed 1.07% (Waived)
Back-end fee  Not exceed 1.07% (Waived)
Switching Fee  According to the conditions of sale and redemption of investment units
Brokerage Fee Not exceed 0.30% (Currently 0.15%)

*Fee included VAT, exclude Brokerage Fee.

Fund Fee (% of NAV)*

Management Fee Not exceed 1.07% (Currently 1.070%)
Trustee Fee Not exceed 0.11% (Currently 0.040%)
Registrar Fee Not exceed 0.54% (Currently 0.321%)

*as of 1 Nov’18 – 31 Oct’19, Fee included VAT.

Fund Performance

As at date :
As at date :
Fund Year To Date Performance (%) 3Month (%) 6Month (%) 1Year (%) 3Year (%) 5Year (%) 10Year (%) Since Inception (%) NAV (THB) Fund size (THB Million)
Principal Gold Income Fund R (PRINCIPAL iGOLD-R) 16.34 % 9.37 % 16.34 % 21.93 % 8.82 % 5.56 % -1.12 % 9.1781 2.53
Benchmark : 13.97 % 7.38 % 18.15 % 32.78 % 10.15 % 7.74 % 0.90 %
Benchmark :
Gold London PM Fix plus Hedging Cost (USD) 100%