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It is not just the Covid-19 outbreak that drives things change but also the development of technology that has made the world of work developing and changing rapidly. Therefore, it is a challenge for everyone since individual level until the organizational level to adapt themselves. 

Enhancing employee potential both working skills and holistic health

Enhancing employee potential both working skills and holistic health

Work outside the office

Normally, everyone needs to go to the office every day for work but when there is virus outbreak and a technology to support telework or work from home, the company becomes more flexible and offers opportunity to work outside the office and many places are permanently switched to working from home. Therefore, everyone has to adjust the methods of communication that possibly communicate continuously. Besides, everyone is able to participate both within the team and between other teams to make the work progresses efficiently. Moreover, there might be a performance appraisal of new working form and management of people working from different places.

Creative innovation and more difficult and complicated working problems

To compete in meeting the needs of consumer, there must always be creating new innovations. Working is no longer focus on formal or step-by-step plan but must focus on innovation culture or culture that is conducive to creativity in the organization, more flexibility to reduce barriers to productivity and provide opportunities to try new things which has never been done before, trial and error, and bring what has been learned to improve and develop in the next work.

Therefore, the role of the leader has changed from the commander to be a person who can be rely on, participate cooperation team, be open-minded to opinions and arguments, seek development opportunities for work, develop people and innovation use to encourage continuous learning. Besides, no matter what position you are in, you must always be enthusiastic to challenge with pressure, changing trends and when people get better, organizations will compete sustainably.

It is common that many people may feel anxious about the change but we can adjust the perspective by seeing it as a challenge and opportunity for rapid self-improvement that is good for ourselves because no matter when, changes always happen. If we are able to adapt quickly, it will give an advantage over others.

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