Tricks for the “New Normal” way for health Investment

Due to many events bombarding this year have forced us to adjust. Living a new way of life, known as New Normal, one of changes is to turn to take better care of your health but it would even be better if you know that there are tricks and techniques in taking very good care of health and know where to invest in order to get the result you want.

Health care .. need to invest

Health is like doing business. If you want a good return, it has to be invested in, by considering what suits ourselves. What kind of lifestyle do we have? What is your goal in life?, take the time to evaluate yourself will help you take better care of your health.

What kind of health we need to take care?                                                                                                                                                                                                             
1.Invest time

(for the beginning) Find a style of exercise that you like, many people may not know what they like. Sometimes they just follow their friends to try something popular at the time. But do it just a few times before they quit. Therefore, try different things first is recommended and choose a few of your favorite ones to switch when you're bored, that is a great plan.

(for long-term) Having a clear goal, how many minutes each day to exercise. The schedule may be flexible according to your convenience, for example if you know that there are days that you will not be available. Then adjust the exercise time to other days in that week but must not force yourself too much because it will make you feel tired, ended up having no desire to do it and ruin the long-term plan.

2. Invest in good quality equipment
When you have a form of exercise that you like and think you will be able to get through, investing in good equipment is a must. Because in addition to helping exercise fully and safely also worth the money spent because it can be used for a long time. You don't have to keep buying and changing it.

Mind health 
Changes are causes of anxiety. Which may unknowingly affect our mental state Would it be better if we have a way to keep our mind in good shape every day?

1.Invest in relaxation 
Tired from hard work, go take a break to do some activities that you enjoy or go to places, change the atmosphere, reset your mind to feel relaxed. Including good quality sleep which the number of hours is just right, not too much, not too little, find the right environment to get some deep sleep, that will help restore your mind in another way.

2.Invest in yourself 
Sometimes we are devoted to our surroundings, until forgetting to pay enough attention to ourselves. Always check yourself regularly. That your mental health is still okay By reviewing the emotions that occur each day. If there are abnormalities for a long time, a solution should be sought, should not be left ignored. Because it will affects your physical health.

3.Invest in communication 
Have you ever encountered a problem that you thought you could handle but it stuck in your head and not going anywhere. Finding a way out by talking is one of techniques, a trusted friend is a choice or consult with an expert. The problem may not be resolved immediately. But our state of mind will be more prepared to face the problem.

Financial health
Is another aspect of health that cannot be without care, it is an important factor that will help us live a quality life. 

1. Invest in finance 
Regardless of taking care of health in anyway  should start with studying the method that works the most for you. When it comes to finance, it is worth exploring interesting investment. Which are suitable for your financial conditions and meet the needs with a risk that can be accepted, such as a fixed deposit, stocks, mutual funds, or debt instruments, etc. It may start by reading some online articles, books or listening to podcasts to gain basic knowledge. Until when you know enough and can decide which way to invest or you can also choose to study specialized courses, learn more techniques to make those investment get even better results.

2. Invest in hedging
Although we can control many things to follow the plan. But must not forget the unexpected events that may happen at any time such as the Covid-19 virus that affects many sectors, especially the business and financial sectors. Therefore, we should not live on the careless. and should save some money for emergency use by calculating how long this money will be spent, it may depend on the responsibility and flexibility of the individual. However, if you have enough money, taking out various insurance is recommended, whether it is health insurance, life insurance or others, it will help reduce the effect and maintain your financial health to be in a smooth state, not interrupted to the point of being unable to handle

3.Invest through technology
Today with more developed technology, investing is much easier. Transactions can be made via online channels, for example, if you want to invest in funds. Without having to go out, contact anything or anyone to waste the time. Manage your investments through Application conveniently as in the Application “Principal TH” that you can use the risk assessment function, set investment goals and open a full online account for buying and selling. Switching funds can be called in one app, manage it all at one. 

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However, do not forget to consider the investment to suit the situation. Be aware of the market volatility as well, in fact, even in this condition, you can still invest. You just have to look for opportunities and have a good strategy to invest. And if you're looking to find out what to invest in for the rest of the year 2020, learn more from Principal here.

Disclaimer: Investors should understand product features (funds), conditions, returns and risks before deciding to invest.